The preconstruction platform for commercial builders.

Reduce risk and automate your preconstruction workflows with the most advanced software built for commercial general contractors.

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Reduce Risk

Easily see your budget exposures and seamlessly hand off from precon to construction teams. We make your master contract and subcontract structures consistent company wide.

Build Trust

Faster more accurate budgets for your clients with a detailed intuitive online customer experience. Bid leveling is integrated into estimates so clients have confidence they are receiving the most qualified price.

Eliminate Busy Work

Faster ROM budgeting using historical subcontractor costs. Significantly reduce admin time to issue and manage contracts (eliminates docusign, word docs, dropbox files and manual entry).

Key features

Integrated estimates

Replace your stagnant spreadsheets with dynamic data. Clone previous estimates, pull in historical costs, create alternates and build subcontracts all in one place. Ensures company wide consistency with proposal formatting and estimating methods. 

Bid leveling

Bid leveling is integrated directly within the estimating workflow and accessible to everyone in your company. Always have access to the latest version of subcontractor breakdowns and proposals to reduce risk. 

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Subcontracts on autopilot

Subcontracts are automatically generated and can be routed for signature in one click. No word docs, PDF’s, Docusign or administrative delays. Standardized Master Subcontract Agreements are managed on the backend for you.

Historical cost tracking

Allow anyone in your company to build accurate budgetary estimates in half the time. The assemblies tool aggregates historical subcontractor unit costs and integrates directly into your estimates to increase accuracy with ROM pricing. Easily reference previous subcontractor costs to ensure you are getting the best pricing.